The Imperial Armory
Thaitsuki Nihonto Thaitsuki Nihonto Forge         Thaitsuki Nihonto is one of the only forges that produce quality katanas while interrogating traditional forging methods with production like manner. Each blade is still hand forged (not machine stamped) using quality pure, high carbon Japanese steel. The saya is cut and shaved by machine, then the lacquer is sprayed on which is much faster and far safer, but they are still hand sanded and custom fitted to its blade by a Sayashi. The tsuba and fittings are all still created by using pre stamped tools, which allows for faster production, but are still gone over and touched up, then polished by hand to maintain quality. The tsuba is forged using 100% brass, not soft iron which is commonly used in many production line swords. The fittings are made with quality Thai silver, not cheap copper or tin.

       Overall, ThaiTsuki Nihonto's blades are a bit thin making them great for light target cutting, but the quality of their steel and forging method make them good for medium target cutting too. At a very close look, some of the production style methods may be noticed in the details but overall the Thaitsuki katanas look great hanging on the wall and look even better when slicing through bamboo!